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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

snapshots from lisbon ( part two )

more stuff i saw and thought when i was in lisbon the other week.

tiles... portuguese people love tiles.
and cork... and sardines.

ok, this is genius.
taking into account the history and culture of lisbon, i would have to say
this is my favourite thing about the city ( alongside the nata and the use of cork )
ginginha... a little cherry liquor thing that is served up in kiosks all over the city.
one and a bit euros for a large shot. 

or a few cents more for a chocolate cup, which they fill for you twice.
then after the second shot you eat the chocolate cup.
genius !
( it tastes like nice cough medicine by the way )

no idea. it semed like all the tourists were photographing it though.

if there's one thing that i dislike about city centres it's those people who
dress up and pretend to be statues.
here's one of them on his lunch break.

some books and comics at a street market.
grrr ! i wish i'd bought the football book.

as i mentioned previously, they absolutely love sardines over in portugal.
i don't... but i do like good packaging and this brand was my favourite.

talking of packaging, how about this for a nice bar of soap ?

more examples of the great packaging to be found in lisbon shops.

great tin. pity it's not hair product.

more books . i do like it when animals walk like humans and / or do 
human things such as walking with a stick or carrying a suitcase.
perfect !

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