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Thursday, 8 November 2012

missoni x converse

well what can i say ?
air force 1's are my thing, but i do like the odd converse collab.

these are the latest missoni x converse collaboration
and i'm now going to explain / bore you about how great they are.

the missoni soft wool is beautiful. the pattern is perfect for the autumn
look at the trimmings used here. all top notch leather.
even the white outsole trim is leather on these bad boys.
the soft brown leather heel tab though. mmmm...

they have heel loops which are also in the soft brown leather
i don't know if my photos are doing these any justice. you really need to see
them in real life... to hold them and touch them.

naturally enough the ankle patches are in leather
and grrr ! that missoni fabric.

the tongues are finished in leather
 and missoni branded 

the inside of the tongue tabs have the usual converse details, but this time
etched into the soft brown glove leather.
and check out the other details... a green lining.

white leather toe bumpers and brown leather toe cap
with just a hint of the green lining showing.
also can you see the green glow underneath the boots ?

that's right
green soles

all in all i would have to say, these are just about perfect for the autumn.
did i mention they are a limited edition too ?

though it's getting a bit cold outside
i'll be bringing heat to the streets of n7 all autumn long.

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