snapshots and observations

Monday, 26 November 2012

wedding photographers

if you know one thing about me it's that i like photographing
wedding photographers right ?

ok i also like postcodes, nicknames, small letters, socks, watches,
coffee, trainers, harris tweed, japanese things, cheap chinese food,
football, cockney rhyming slang and being miserable.

but photographing wedding photographers is something i very much like.

so imagine my delight in st james's park a couple of weeks back when in
the distance i spotted a wedding dress.

i upped my pace and quickly caught up with the 'bride and groom'

the lady in the cheap fur coat had a camera by the way, as did the bloke in the
union jack hat.

work it.
hmmm... the bloke in the blue jacket had a camera too.

i jumped over the fence to stand on the grass and get a better shot of the photographers
genius !

the happy couple and their troupe of photographers drew quite a crowd
wait a minute...

she's having a joke...
all of a sudden she was getting stuck in with a different groom
while their photographers helped themselves.

what the what ?!
i thought the groom on the left was crying at seeing his new bride leave him for another

then i noticed that he had a camera too
and i realised it was a camera club outing with a model or two acting as the
happy couple.

at least i hope that's what it was.