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Sunday, 31 August 2014

last saturday

last saturday i went to a little pub in the countryside somewhere.
maybe hampshire. maybe berkshire... i'm not that great with geography.

oh, this is not the pub
but it's one myself and mrs w stayed at last year, and it's kind of on the way.
so we swerved by for lunch last saturday.

by the way, who knows the name of the king of england when this boozer was built ?

i do.

and who knows who had a cracking pint there ?
i do.

i also had a free cup of coffee there
which i probably didn't deserve.
mrs w thinks i was given it because i look angry.

at the pub we stayed at i was pleased to note that tunnocks teacakes
were left in the room with the usual tea and coffee nonsense.
i celebrated by making a face.

then myself and mrs w retired to our private lounge
to read magazines, ponce about on instagram and chat about downtown abbey.

in the evening this was the menu at the pub
i think you know full well what i had for starter.

for main course i had...
a fish balanced on a bed of chips.
with some mushy peas on the side.


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