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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

tuesday new shoes day

new shoes
100% cashmere upper converse chuck taylors

genius !

my breakfast on tuesday
hello mr breakfast !

and with added milk

er... now we've gone back in time a little.
me and robot on a shoot in n16 a few weeks ago

and me in south london ( grrr ! ) a few days later
as you can see, on both shoots i was representing n7

oh, i forgot this pic from wiltshire
it's the grounds of wardour castle.

and rewinding a little to a week or so previously
where for some reason being on "the island" made me get as one with nature
and i forgot all about shopping for the latest af-1's and spent a couple of days visiting english heritage places, learning about history and photographing nature and all that rubbish.

here's another shot of this purple flower thing
no idea what it was, but it was a nice shade of purple.

and a blue thing
once again i have no idea what make it is, just a blue flower.

do you like butterflies ?
i hate them.
maybe because of that film i saw once...

with peter cushing ?

no, i was by myself.


how about bees ?
i don't mind bees at all. they make honey, right ?
how come their bodies are in two pieces though ?
there must be a lot of pressure on the thin bit that connects the two fluffy bits ?

nature eh ?

back to normal business now.
mrs w has taken to instagram like a duck to hoisin sauce
if you want to follow her and see her photos
( warning... some of them will feature me )
then search for @jacqueline332

you may even see some of her fairly impressive sneaker collection.
comme des garçons x converse.

right, let's move on to wednesday which will briefly bring me up to date.

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