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Thursday, 21 August 2014


oi oi !
present day me wearing an n7 t-shirt instead of chipie.

this is on the roof at whitfield towers.

so... i've discovered a new coffee joint really close to the towers.
it's called spoke.

on one of the walls they have some pieces of wooden packaging
and a piece of mdf 
( onto which somebody put an n7 sticker )

here's a pic from when i went there with a friend last week.
two flat whites and two slices of lemon drizzle cake.

i was with  friend honestly... it wasn't all for me.

a few days later and the n7 sticker was still in place.
which made me very happy ( as you can see )

oh and my t-shirt
was this one.
a riccardo tisci x nike effort.

one last thing about spoke
they do this incredible frozen yoghurt stuff.
i opt for forest fruit flavour and ask for a side portion of red berries.
oh and a flat white of course.

sadly, though spoke is only a few roads from whitfield towers,
it's in n19, not n7.

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