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Thursday, 14 August 2014

more catching up

more iphone nonsense as i play catch up

a few photos of myself and robocat a few weeks ago.
i think i showed you some proper pics from this day but these as you can see are phone versions.
i downloaded a self-timer app for my phone a few weeks ago and it rattles off a 
few frames so you're more or less guaranteed to get a good pic.

what i mean is, a pic where you're not blinking.

when i first saw this frame i thought i was getting a bit fresh or something.
but no... that's not my hand around her waist.

no. my hand was in her back pocket !

what ?

turning my back on the young lady. how very rude of me.

poor thing. i don't think she really ever got the hang of me forever wanting to take
photos of myself.

and bless her, trying out a few different looks while i stay the same in every single frame.

a couple of weeks after the photos, robocat went for a little holiday to portugal.
when she came back she texted me to say she'd brought me a gift back from lisbon.

a few days later she came over to the towers and gave me this...
a catapult with a fox carved into it.

perfect !

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