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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

monkey's fist and what not

are you any good with knots ?

me neither.

when i was in tonga and samoa in 2000 working on boats for a few weeks
 i learned to do a few knots properly, but just yesterday i needed to do one 
on a shoot and i was rubbish.

perhaps it's a project for winter... to learn a few knots.

there's one knot i do know the name of and it's this one...

a monkey's fist
naturally enough, the reason i know all about a monkey's fist is a long story.

oh, this one was being used as a door stop in a place in wiltshire i stayed at the other week.

i was in wiltshire for a family get together
where i met some of my family who i hadn't seen for 25 years.
please note the bloke who i asked to take this pic had his finger kind of over the lens.

another schoolboy error was the caterers handing out ice creams
thinking they would make people happy
please note raspberry and blueberry placed on top of the ice cream

my cheery mood continued when i discovered a map of god's own country
on the wall of a little boozer
talking of wales... i'm off there in a couple of days.

don't worry. this was stage one of my breakfast game.
some sort of berry compote nonsense with greek yoghurt and honey that was
obviously not welsh.

stage two
what ?

one last pic from the wiltshire weekend of shame
my essentials.
all my kit in a 1998 supreme backpack.


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