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Thursday, 21 August 2014

iphone friday

i know, i know... it's been all phone pics recently,
but that's going to change pretty soon.

here's a photo i took of a poster mrs w brought back with her from a trip to the
victoria and albert museum the other week.
i like this very much indeed.
i'm aware that sometimes i'm not a very courteous driver so i have taken great inspiration from this old poster and it's going to be my new year resolution ( starting from now )
to be a gentleman while i'm driving.

maybe i'll even take my hat off when old chaps cross in front of me.


mrs w also brought this poster back.
i don't have a dog any more but i like this illustration very much.

i like the idea of having a dog, you know, a little one.
one that i could dress up in a t-shirt and maybe get him to wear a little baseball cap.
or maybe one of those lampshade things even though he wouldn't need it.

no... perhaps i shouldn't have a dog.

a few weeks ago i bought a new umbrella.
at the time, it was the only one of it's kind in the country.
i saw the material and they made it up for me on the spot.
( i was on a shoot at an umbrella factory by the way )

a few days later
i was keeping an eye on the sock situation on a 17 bus when this wretch
came and sat next to me.

a while later, in liberty i spotted this mighty fine fabric

and grabbed a couple of metres of it.
in january this fabric will be transformed.

around about 16th / 17th january i reckon.
don't forget to remind me to show you.

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