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Sunday, 31 August 2014

last sunday

last sunday.

i had this for breakfast.
it made me think of my friend credit's nanny
( leave it - ed )

then myself and mrs w went to this place
that's right... downtown abbey.

i was really happy to be there.

grrr ! you're not allowed to take photos inside downtown abbey
( or whatever it's called in real life )

i took this one sneaky pic of my shoes and a rug that really tied the room together.

but mainly we had to amuse ourselves with taking photos outside
this was quite a gem because obviously the place was chocca with 
japanese tourists yet i managed to get this shot with nobody in frame making a peace sign with their fingers.

mrs w looking thoughtful
or maybe getting fed up with my impressions of carson the butler answering the

one of me and mrs w where she's wearing her coat

and one without coat
nice to see me varying my poses.

afterwards we went back to base for a snack
where i was intrigued by this ale

a decent packet of crisps too.

cheers !

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