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Friday, 19 April 2013

iphone friday

these may be a bit out of order but i'm putting this together in 
my traditional friday rush style as i'm off to devon for a shoot in 
a few minutes.

some food in barcelona.
i guess it's the spanish version of sausage, egg and chips.

details on the stüssy x converse chucks i bought in tokyo last month.
i love that stüssy has kind of taken the purple dot as a trademark.

new goal celebration by lionel messi

barcelona market.
i was thinking i should have told vegetarians to look away 
but then i remembered that i didn't particularly care about vegetarians
and i've seen some shocking vegetable / salad photos on blogs and i don't complain...

( much )

this one's for all the vegans out there.

maybe it should be bad taste iphone friday ?
i think that's iniesta... or is it xavi ? or fibreglass ?
also taking a no.2 you can see ernie from sesame street, the pink panther,
homer simpson, a builder and a few others.
good old barcelona.

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