snapshots and observations

Monday, 15 April 2013


the model i photographed in tokyo was called coco.

at least her nickname is coco... you know i don't like to use real names.

here's a shot i did of coco
not bad for a girl as my friend elvis would say.

naturally towards the end of the shoot, i insisted on getting in a few frames
standard posing here on the streets of shinjuku.
it's the old 'good cop, bad cop' routine.

oh nice... back to back. textbook stuff
i'm bad cop by the way.

jacket off for me now
thumbs still in pockets though.
textbook n7 pose.

what the what ?!
i broke out a new pose.
i must admit, i don't think this pose is ready yet. it still needs a lot of work.

anyway, thanks to coco for posing and to kana for taking the photos of us.