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Saturday, 13 April 2013

iphone saturday

that's right... iphone saturday

a gift that came free with a magazine i bought at narita airport

i opened it in a similar way to how my dog ( mr billy ) used to open his
christmas presents.
i just tore at it with my mouth and growled.

the gift was this very handsome black camo bape tote bag.
though i'm unsure if it's aimed at blokes in their late twenties like me,
or at nans to take when they do a bit of shopping at the co-op.

by the way, leave it !

this was the place i bought the magazine from.
it's a magazine shop with it's own cafe overlooking the planes at narita airport.
it's pretty decent though as i showed in a previous post, they do like to keep the 
tennis magazines next to the jazz magazines which i found a bit uncalled for.

pic 22 in the link below.

changing subject from japan, i bought a new coat.
it's by margaret howell... who coincidentally is very big in japan.
maybe i should team it up with my harris tweed af-1's for the win ?

my key-ring game is on point*

packing for a weekend in barcelona
all the essentials right there.

especially for those of you in california, i stayed at the hotel mirror.

* earl, if you're unsure what that means just ask gerry.

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