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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

self-portrait in w1, new shoes and the cheesecake of dreams

self-portrait in w1
this was the day of mrs thatcher's funeral.
i wasn't in black as a mark of respect.
it was just the way it happened.

top my marc jacobs.
trousers by paul smith.
htm flyknits by nike

new shoes
stüssy x converse
only available in japan

the cheesecake of dreams
i know... it doesn't look special but you have to trust me with this one.
this cheesecake was on point.

i've studied cheesecake pretty intensely over the years and i can honestly
say this one is the best i've ever tasted.

where did i get it from ?

it's a secret.

or maybe it should be a standalone blog post ?

yes... i'll do a special blog post about the place that sells this gem.

give me a few days...

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