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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

a quick post

hmmm... this is a hastily cobbled together post.
no theme, just a few pics grabbed from my blog folder.

self-portrait in w1 last week.
in a shock move i'm exposing my thumbs in this shot.
for some reason i'm also giving myself a bit of fill-in too.
gucci hi-tops ? what the what ?!

i forgot to mention, omotesando koffee is a bit like a camera club.
i think everybody who manages to find the place thinks it would be a good
idea to take a load of photos and put them on their blog.
it seems like a stupid idea to me.

the business cards / cake holders / coffee filters at omotesando koffee

some lads i saw playing baseball while i was walking to nozy coffee in tokyo

maharam air force 1's in digi camo.
only 1 pair in the world.

me... hanging around in the changing room of a lingerie boutique
in islington...

with my reputation...

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