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Saturday, 6 April 2013

black and white saturday ( almost )

i know, i know...
my new rules for the blog were iphone friday and black and white saturday.

but i couldn't be bothered turning the following pics into black and white.

they are photos of a little something i picked up in a shop called loopwheeler
in tokyo last month.

if you search for 'loopwheeler' in the bar at the bottom of the page you will
find some other posts which will explain a little about the company.

it's a bit of a favourite of mine anyway.

here's what i bought
an ipad mini case using loopwheeler fleece and harris tweed.
( this is known as a win / win )

the small pouch is for the plug and cable
what a good idea.

a close-up look at the fleece and tweed
you can see why i didn't bother making these pics into black and white can't you ?

that tweed though

a note from the folks at loopwheeler
in english, and in some dying languages.

what ?

a last look at the fleece and the tweed
i think there is only one loopwheeler shop in the world.
if you're ever in tokyo, i'd recommend you search it out.

afterwards come out of the shop and turn right.
turn right at the end of the road and on the next corner...

... well, you'll see...

it's called 'kiosk be a good neighbour'

colour photos will return tomorrow.

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