snapshots and observations

Thursday, 30 August 2012

and finally...

the last few pics from my time in the lake district in the rain.

sheltering from the rain in the communal vip lounge

i think this was the scene after m1 had made a spoon out of a branch.
it was very impressive but sadly i don't have a photo of it.

it was better than this one though.

ok, this was first thing next morning and m1 is successfully starting the fire.
actually m1 played a blinder by bringing along some proper coffee
which was just the ticket after a night kipping in a tent in  a rainstorm.

skill !
coffee-time at camp. 

i think m1 had seen the film 'lake placid'
here he keeps a sensible distance away as one of the ladies tosses porridge into the lake.

team twentytwentyone do the dishes.
m1 supervises, while i take photos... perfect !

yes, the orange bowl was mine. so was the orange mug and spork.

ok this was taken with a fisheye lens but the slope on the left was not far from 
the truth. one member of team twentytwentyone really did pitch his tent on
a bit of an incline.

in an emotional ceremony and after a moving speech, it was time for
me to say goodbye to my bobbito garcia air force 1's.
i saluted as i dropped them into the rubbish bin.

farewell my friends. you served me well.

soon it was time to canoe again. in this shot you can see m1 trying to find wi-fi.

team twentytwentyone had no time for wi-fi.
today they were paddling like champions

i think this was when i mentioned i'd just heard that aria were expanding.

it was a great little trip. the canoeing was fantastic.
to be honest i even liked the rain.
the food and drink was good.

but the company was fantastic.

thanks for inviting me... see you next time perhaps ?


  1. Now that's gourmet living for you. When we had poverty week during YearOfTraining all we had was the clothes on our backs, a sleeping bag and 2 pieces of tarp between 18 of us. No food but an eternal flame we had to keep burning throughout the week.