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Monday, 6 August 2012


did you watch the olympic opening ceremony ?

for me, being a flag fan, i very much enjoyed the part where each olympic team paraded into the stadium. i liked to see their flags and to also see what they wore and how they 
behaved... i won't name names but i did think a couple of countries behaved like rabble.

er... moving on...

talking about what they wore, what did you think of the russian outfits ?
at first i thought they were a bit too loud and a bit too complicated
but after seeing the full range of kits on athletes from swimmers to gymnasts
now i really like them.

so my point is, i was walking around last weekend and i guess i stumbled upon
the base for team russia
and outside their base, everything was decked in the familiar pattern

turns out it's by a company called bosco
and outside their hq were a load of bikes which i guess are for the team
or officials to use.

i took a few photos as i really do like the patterns used
also it makes a tasty change from nike and adidas being everywhere.

even the mudguards use the bosco pattern
not bad !

and the baskets were lined with it
what a nice touch

even the bike locks had the patterned material 
nice one bosco.

now where can i buy a spain tracky top ?

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