snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


as you may know, i like nothing more than to snoop around 
when i see a wedding photographer in action.

i take it as a personal challenge to take a shot that i think will stand up
against anything the official wedding photographer will take.

here are a few examples

irish bridesmaid sunbathes in italy a day before the wedding...
textbook !

red shoes in cornwall

last year in harrogate

three years ago in leon

two weeks ago in london

in paris last year

anyway, although i like all those shots very much indeed,
i kind of like this next one even more.
it's not great, but when you look at it, there's a lot going on
( or rather you can spot a few things possibly going on )
from left to right:

the two ladies on the left are both quickly changing into their high heels
getting ready for the group photos.
( the lady in the background seems to be finding this quite amusing )

the groom is taking time out to ignore his bride and to check out his buttonhole.

a man in the background looks to be checking out the back of the bride's dress

the bride is looking very happy, and why not ? she's getting married at st paul's
and now there's a miserable looking bloke with a camera getting in everybody's way.

the woman on the right is giving a glimpse into the future of married life...
she's ordering her husband around and he's trying to get a word in !

it's the best day of your life, and that's why i love weddings.


  1. You could give up the day job! :-)

  2. Especially like the Parisian shot. So Chinese. The one with the horizontal row of people isn't bad either.