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Monday, 13 August 2012

kaufmann mercantile

i can't remember how i found out about this, but a while ago i 
saw something while browsing on the internet and ordered it up.

here it is
it came from the usa.
in fact it came very slowly from the usa, though in fairness the time it took
to arrive in n7 was nobody's fault but our wonderful post office
( it's a long story )

here's another look at what i bought
it's another one of my recommendations.

seriously, i reckon you should all get on the kaufmann mercantile website and
order one up. in fact have a mooch around on their site... you may find some
other gems there to spend your money on.

 it will be with you in a week, unless you have a north london postman.

in case you're wondering what the heck it is...

or here's the home page

trust me on this one. it's a quality bit of kit.

have i used any of the pieces yet ?

don't be silly.

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  1. replace with supreme screwdrivers?