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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

nike fuelband

i'm getting on famously with my nike fuelband
and seeing a decent improvement in my fitness.

i like the rewards or prizes it gives you when you reach certain totals...

my goal is set at 2000.
when i reach 3000 i get this.

obviously this is just a screen grab. the actual animation is very impressive.

when i reach 5000
i'm on fire

at 6000
hmmm... not bad

only one day so  far have i reached 8000
very impressive if i say so myself, but i didn't pack in for the day
i carried on going wondering to myself what would happen if i could 
reach 10000

well take it from me, i did.
but guess what ? no prize for hitting 10000 !

though i did use up even more energy when i hit the 10000 mark
by swearing like a docker at my iphone.

this was on saturday night.
three days later and the highest i've reached since is 5380

grrr !

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