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Monday, 27 August 2012

mr brainwash... life is beautiful ( part one )

i'm out of the country from monday.

since you ask, i'll be in china... so brace yourselves for more of
my snapshots and observations from the mystical east
( not you ipswich )

 to pad out my blog while i'm away in the land that google forgot
i will time some posts to drop each day and keep you amused or whatever.

a cheap way of doing this is to show you some of my photos from 'life is beautiful'
the exhibition of work by mr brainwash that has been running in sunny london
since early august.

 here goes.

a painting of one of mr brainwash's signature shoes.

john lennon and a panda

one of my favourite pieces from the whole show.
( oh, they play a lot of louis armstrong songs over the sound system in the show )

boy with camera and paint splatter.

this is a god one. as you can see, his hair is made from old vinyl albums.

the fab four... with bandanas.
very nice indeed.
( this is also available on the way out in the form of a free poster )

more to come...

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