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Friday, 10 August 2012

nike fuelband

i once heard a girl on a bus talking ( loudly ) on her mobile phone to
a friend. she said something which kind of made me laugh.
it was along the lines of "well i would go swimming but before i do i need
to buy a waterproof walkman"

i think her friend was nagging her to do some exercise and her reasoning was
that the only thing preventing her was her lack of a waterproof walkman.

fast forward a few years and i'd been putting off going to the gym for ages.

i treated myself to a nike fuelband a week or so ago.

of course i had to buy the limited edition clear version
but anyway, it's doing it's job of challenging me to get fit.

for those who are interested, yesterday i went to the gym and did
30 press-ups straight. 
a slow improvement but an improvement nevertheless.

running is another matter though. i still only manage to run for 20
minutes before collapsing like tottenham's premiership campaign.

you see, what i need to go running is a new pair of nike flyknits...

... what ?

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