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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

mr brainwash. life is beautiful

the mr brainwash exhibition at the old sorting office is quite a show.

no matter what you think of the art it is a pretty impressive effort
and well worth a look.

it's free to get in, lots and lots of interesting pieces to look at, the staff
are the friendliest i've ever met at a show like this.
you can take photos, there are free posters when you leave. free postcards too.

some days they even give you free drinks.

i took lots of photos so if you can't get to see the show, well at least you can see
my highlights here on this blog in a few days.

in the meantime, here are the few shots i've edited so far.

the olympic rings

made from lots and lots of cans of paint.

paint splattered hat, jeans, sunglasses and trainers.
( mr brainwash's signature look )

oh dear...
( you know my feelings about kate moss right ? )

excellent !

ok this is just a sampler of the show.
when i've edited all my photos i'll do a proper review.

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