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Friday, 3 August 2012


the union jack is the greatest flag in the world.
that's a well known fact.
i really like flags. 
have i told you that before ?
my second favourite is the welsh flag, then the mexican flag.
i've got a soft spot for chile's flag too and the stars and stripes is a corker
isn't it ? who else has a decent flag ?
japan ? yeah, japan have a good one, brasil too.

which country do you think has a good flag ?

if you can convince me that a country i've not mentioned has a better flag 
than any i have listed above, i'll send you a little something in the post.
it might be a dvd, a cd, a book from china, some stickers, a print of mine,
it could be anything.

so... by all means... try to convince me.

after photographing the union jack ( or do i have to say union flag ? )
i strolled over to trafalgar  square and spotted this lad
yay ! chile !
he posed for me like a champion and then slowly but surely other people saw
us and brought over their flags...

oi oi !
hmmm... the swiss flag is kind of nice. it would look good on a pen-knife.
no offence to poland but...


  1. Cyprus is good and is unique because...

  2. If you like Japan's flag you'll probably like Greenland's too. Personally I think the Kiribati flag has a lot going for it - stylish waves, good colour combo and a nice bird. What more could you want on a flag?

  3. Paraguay is also unique...

  4. macedonia's flag is the mutt's nuts.

  5. i think the anoymous people need to leave a name or initials if they are thinking about getting a prize.
    so please own up to the cyprus, greenland and paraguay afforts ( or is it just one person ? )

    i do like the flag of the former yugoslav republic of macedonia, but i was looking for better reasoning than simply declaring it "the mutt's nuts"
    i will bear you in mind letissier07 and unless i'm bombarded with great suggestions and reasoning i'll send something to you as an offering.
    though i am not accepting the flag is better than any of the ones i mentioned.

  6. got to be better than just saying it's 'unique'. Unique? My singing voice is 'unique'. I can assure you that it is equally 'not good'

  7. Cyprus is the only map th shows an outline of the country.
    Paraguay is the only flag that has a front and back side that is different.

    They were both mine but I'm currently suspended from participation subject to a movie misdemeanor. I'll stay anonymous in that case.

  8. le tissier i think it's a bit 100/40 having a pop at 'anonymous'. i wanted a reason from you why you thought the macedonian flag was better than my choices, not an argument that describing it as 'the mutt's nuts' was better than calling a flag unique.

    both cyprus and paraguay do indeed have flags that are unique, and unique for good reasons rather than saying the union jack and the macedonian flag are unique because of their patterns or whatever.

    well played 'anonymous'. cyprus have the only flag which shows a map of the country ( which i didn't know )
    paraguay have the only flag with two different sides ( which i knew already )

    however, i don't personally think either are that good... plus you are on double secret probation until you have watched 'napoleon dynamite'

    come on le tissier... i have some really nice chinese comic books here waiting to be posted off. all you had to do was say it's got a nice pattern and the red and yellow work well together... like the red dragon and the yellow daffodil of a certain country that i like.

    oh well.

  9. now "animal house" i have seen... is this anyway to treat an intimate friend?

  10. I think Greenland's flag is a masterful display of red and white geometry. Simple but effective. We like that kind of thing in Ipswich (of all places!)

  11. prize to ipswich ( of all places )