snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

health kick

the rumours are true.

i'm on a health kick.

i'm off the beer, no more chips and i'm eating sensibly.
i'm running every day and back doing press-ups and weights.

no more fry-ups for me. this is a sample of one of my breakfasts this week.
it's all good.

as for the press-ups... when i was at my peak i used to go down to the gym
do a few stretches then go straight into press-ups.

my record was 72.

i honestly haven't done a press-up for 4 years until monday this week.
i went down to the gym, did a few stretches then...



i'm not trying to bore you, i'm just going to use this blog as a diary to record
my progress. to either spur me on to more and more press-ups
or to shame me for not keeping it up.

so bear with me if perhas once a week i tell you how my press-ups are progressing.

or not...


  1. bring it on... might also be great inspiration for us lesser mortals!