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Saturday, 8 June 2013

iphone saturday and the wrong decision.

more iphone pics today i'm afraid.

if i waited until next iphone friday then these pics would be so old.
let's just get them out of the way today and get back to proper pics tomorrow.

ok here goes. these are basically the iphone story of my tip to beijing.

essentials for the flight:
lavendar padded harris tweed and velvet eye mask... ( i know )
passport, watch ( rolex daytona ) and bose noise reducing headphones.
i'd be needing my iphone too, but obviously i used it to take this pic.

finalhome with his travel essentials:
perigot backpack, fragment design x retaw lip balm, krink pen,
sleeping tablets, kiehls facial fuel and some n7 stickers

waiting at t5.
paul smith big boy trousers
happy socks
nike htm flyknits

that pesto pasta salad had no chance,
that dessert had no chance,

neither did the carrots and broad beans.

but i ate the rest.

standard pic of me waiting at the baggage carousel.

in some cheap-ass chinese taxi from the airport to the hotel.
as you can tell, i never get tired of photographing these glorias.

i thought this was a nice touch.
when i arrived at the opposite house and began my check-in,
some lad came over and gave me a bottle of water.
opposite house branded water.
it's not a big deal but it's a great little gesture.

the miu miu that i mentioned a few days ago with the it beijing market behind it

in room 605 watching "dude where's my car?" in chinese
genius !

schoolboy error with sunday morning breakfast.
i asked for an omelette but didn't check that it came with any bogus items.

view from the 6th floor of the hotel looking down at the lobby.

i was called down to the hotel reception on sunday morning to sign for a courier
who had brought me a package from shanghai.
it felt like the good stuff.

and it was.
four pairs of chups.
magic darts !
a gift from my friend rocky.

at the 39 square meter cafe, finalhome posed up for a photo with their
special bearbrick. he was somewhere between a 1000% and a 400%
not a size i had ever seen before.

my work in beijing was over by this stage so as you can see, i was
in a happy mood and posed up with the bearbrick too.
i think finalhome took this pic.

talking of finalhome...
here he is posing up with the hotel girls

talking of posing. you know i'm all about the self-portrait, right ?
it always irks be that i can't do a proper self-portrait with my iphone.
this was done by shooting a video of me walking and posing in my room,
then doing a screen grab of the video footage.
the quality isn't great, but it's the greatest love of all so...

when i was in beijing last august, the boss's boss took me to hooters.
it seemed like a good place for a snack and a beer so i returned.
the waitress told me her name was ada.
my nan had a sister called ada.

my auntie ada looked nothing like this girl though.
look at her giving finalhome a little kiss.
that bear !

what the what ?!
a lad wearing one black shoe and one white.
that's a strong look right there.

i know. you've seen these htm's photographed by three different cameras in multiple
locations but what can i say ?

remember my list of top 25 sneakers from 2012 ?

beefburger with bacon, cheese and egg. plus some jockeys.
genius !

when i said to room service " i don't want any lettuce or tomato or any
of that nonsense" the reply showed why i love the opposite house so much.

"it doesn't come with lettuce or tomato... just burger, bacon, cheese, egg and chips"

it was the last day of the premiership season in england.
it was probably around 11pm or midnight in beijing.
i decided to watch the footy while soaking in a deep oak bath,
drinking beer and eating crisps ( as you can see )

finalhome watched the action unfold from the comfort of the bed.

checking out of the opposite house the next morning.
looking at this pic now it screams "where's finalhome ?"
but at the time, little did i realise that he was still in bed.

making my way to the gate.
isn't it always good when you're at an international airport and you see
your ride ?
good old british airways.

good bye beijing, good bye china.

( good bye finahome )

11 hours later.

hello london.

ok, that's it for iphone pics until next friday.

sadly i do have more beijing pics to show you.
but they are proper photos taken with a proper camera.
they are quite decent.


while i'm in a soppy mood, here's the companion scene to yesterday's classic
conversation between julia roberts and hugh grant.

i love the way the camera pans along the faces of hugh's friends when he tells 
them what julia said to him about being "just a girl"

wrong decision.

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