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Monday, 24 June 2013

monday stuff

i got a cracking pair of converse all stars last week.
with a hawaiian shirt upper.
these are an asia quickstrike edition and i'm not sure if they are going to
be available in the uk.
if we ever get a summer, these could be the boys.

talking of summer. one of the essentials for the mythical season 
has to be a plain white t-shirt.
my current favourites are these...
hanes x supreme lightweight pre-shrunk and they come in a packet of three
for £23 or so. what's not to like ?
they are perfect for spilling beer or coffee onto.
also with the forthcoming barbecue season, i must admit they do look
great with some meaty stains down the front.

oh... they have no tags inside but on the waist...
there's a small supreme box logo.

moving on, guess who's back ?
that's right.

the team are back together
representing n7

what the what  ?!
don't ask.

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