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Sunday, 23 June 2013


a couple of weeks ago i had a shoot at my favourite shop in n1


naturally enough, after a few minutes my thoughts turned to self-portraits.
so i asked one of the shop girls to stand in for me while i lined up the shot.
oh my word.
that won't do.
look how happy she is.

i jumped into frame to show her how it should be done
but still she seemed a little too happy for my liking.

so we did another take
oh yes !

later i spotted a place downstairs for another self-portrait

the shoot was going really well by this stage so i asked my temporary
assistant to come and join me again.

it wasn't quite working.
though she'd taken on board my requirements for misery, there was still 
the need to work on basic posing skills. posture and all that.
the n7 pose is all about attitude and i don't think she was really getting into 
the n7 frame of mind in this shot.

so after getting a bit of work out of the way, i lined up one final shot.
i explained the scenario. this was to be like an ok magazine 'at home with' 
photo-shoot with a moody n7 couple
perfect !

many thanks to 2021a for assisting and humouring me with the self-portraits.

if you're ever in n1 you should definitely call in at twentytwentyone.
though they don't sell coffee it is a really great shop.

and if you see 2021a be sure to ask her to pose for a photo with you.

what ?

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