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Monday, 10 June 2013

monday nonsense

evisu jeans
what's not to like
( that's not me by the way )

i like locks
i wonder if they make them in orange ?

i don't know what was going on here
i guess i was lining it up for a self-portrait background.

i was definitely lining this shot up for a self-portrait
no doubt.

talking of self-portraits. this was taken at 7am a couple of weeks ago
debuting my new sunflower coloured 1970's converse.

this was at the same place
look how happy i was to be up early.

then again i was enjoying myself taking all these self-portraits
so much that i even let one of the girls who worked there into the shot.
i was feeling so generous i let my cable release into the shot too.

grrr !

more nonsense tomorrow.

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