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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

the monocle country fayre

i went to the monocle country fayre over the weekend
do you like monocle magazine ?

this was my favourite stall at the fayre

and check it out
welsh cakes at £2 a pack
that's a steal.
welsh cakes are genius.

i met this lad there
he looks proud, right ?

my friend the earl would have liked part of the monocle summer fayre
he likes standing close to middle aged men with...
no, i can't finish that line.
let's just say there was a record fair in the monocle offices with
some great looking album covers.

caption competition ?

oh and one last pic for today. nothing to do with monocle.
more of a teaser campaign for things to come...

look who's back
that's right.

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