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Friday, 21 June 2013

too many self-portraits

i'm cancelling iphone friday this week.

i need to get rid of all these self-portraits, so here goes.

a few weeks ago i had a shoot at a blinding venue.
although i was there to shoot some products, i kept thinking to myself
what a great location it was for self-portraits.

that's one




oh hello...
i was joined by two of m1's angels
'a' and 'c'

and there's more

hmmm... one with my jacket off
this one is for all the ladies out there.

what the what ?!
we look like some sort of poor eurovision entry.

oh hello again

new pose alert
same facial expression though.

talking of my facial expression
i always like to think i look miserable

but mrs w reckons i look more angry than miserable
it's a fine line i suppose

and the facial expression small talk brings us to the final pic of the day
angel 'a' and myself relaxing towards the end of the shoot.

for those who are interested
( that's probably just me )
destroyer jacket by nike
cashmere top by margaret howell
t-shirt by supreme x hanes
jeans by evisu
swarovski crystal trimmed af-1's by nike
spectacles by stüssy

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