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Friday, 7 June 2013

iphone friday and the fame thing

iphone friday ?

why not.

remember the pac-man flat white from yesterday ?
this is it in the take-away cup.
it was a couple of fridays ago.
i had to be on my toes after the shoot as my jam jar was on a meter
so i had my coffee as a take-away.

sadly it was raining so i sheltered here under a bridge for a few minutes
as i didn't want to get a) my hair and b) my new trainers wet.
can you tell what my trainers were ?

this was the next day i think.
some expensive-ass sausage roll badly grilled by a posh girl.

and this was the day after.
look how happy i am.

even though i've got a 99 with red and green sauce.
and you know what we used to call those sauces, right ?

this was maybe last week.
another day, another take-away flat white.

another iphone gem.
some of my watches on an eames hang-it-all.
this is the herman miller version with wooden balls.
( leave it )

a bape bracelet that i bought for finalhome to wear as a collar

what ?

some krink x marc jacobs pens i bought last saturday.

me photographing finalhome wearing his new collar.

this was on monday, a few days ago.
i stayed away in a hotel up north for one night and this is what i took.
two tins of hair product ?
well actually as well as the sportin' waves wax and the murray's pomade
i also had a tube of wahl hair gel in the jam jar, which i keep in the glove
box in case of emergencies.
( true story )

whenever i'm up north i like to eat this dish.
chips, fish, mushy peas and gravy.
standard procedure.

t-shirt debut the next morning.
bape camo pocket tee.
this cost £55 in tokyo, it was £75 in london and £110 in beijing.
what the what ?!

and finally...

yes, finalhome came up north with me.
in a shock move i also brought him home too.

more iphone nonsense next friday.

but wait for today's bonus video clip...

it's strange.

i like swearing and violence in films.

there's something about it that cracks me up.
i liked the violence in "django" and say... "planet terror"
one of my favourite films of the past few years was "machete"
which has plenty of swearing and violence ( and some mexican food )

but my favourite movie scene of all time...

call me old fashioned but it might well be this scene.

don't judge me !

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