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Saturday, 15 June 2013

four saturdays ago

in the morning four saturdays ago i landed in beijing.

here is a short post about what i did shortly after checking into my hotel.

this was literally an hour after i landed in china.
i got a cab to the hotel, checked in and headed straight out for a coffee
at the 39 square meter cafe.
genius !

the 39 square meter cafe is a place i discovered in august 2012
it's on a tiny back street about a 5 minute walk from the opposite house.
i would have to say it's very un-chinese. it would fit in perfectly
in london or new york.
if you're ever in beijing i would recommend you search out this tiny
little cafe. it's stylish and also does great coffee, other drinks and food.

i collect bearbricks. you know that.
i have some pretty rare pieces but these lads are something else.
rightly they were behind glass.

i don't think i know of a cafe with better art on display

these are solid wood 400% bearbricks.

although i remained on london time for the weekend
i figured it was late breakfast-y time in beijing so i ordered this.
although it seems a little inappropriate to be served on a fish shaped dish.

it was described as a blueberry lassi waffle.
there was only one word for it...

magic darts !

tied up dog alert.
this was the cafe owner's dog.
he seemed to want some waffle.

he had no chance.

self-portrait in 1000% bearbrick reflection at the 39 

after being untied, the owner let me photograph his dog properly.

( i mean after the dog was untied )

it's a tiny little place. i'm no expert but i'd wager it's under 40 square meters 
in size.

what ?

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