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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

best meal of the day


it's the best meal of the day.

that's a well established fact.

this early morning snack was mine one day last week.
sadly the black pudding is a little camera-shy and is trying to hide
behind the fried bread.

i like the arrangement in the above photo.
but personally i prefer to make my breakfast into a face and call
him "mr. breakfast" and have a little chat to him before eating him up.

moving on...

what do you say when you're asked "how would you like your eggs?"
i mean, obviously you have a little giggle to yourself don't you ?
but then what ?

i usually go for poached, but occasionally i opt for scrambled.

how do you stand on hash browns by the way ?

oh and one last thing. what do you reckon to the baked beans being presented
here in a little espresso cup ?

do you like the idea ?
it certainly gives you the power to keep them apart from their sworn enemies
( egg yolks )

but it's also tempting to try and drink them straight out of the cup while nobody
is watching... isn't it ?

isn't it ?

just me then.

more tomorrow.

*hangs head in breakfast-related shame*

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