snapshots and observations

Thursday, 18 August 2011

crabs you might catch in wales

in wales there's always the chance that you might catch crabs.
here's a handy sign i spotted in porthgain, which shows you some
of the characters you might possibly capture.

i will pass the proof reading over to my friend the earl of stokes
as i'm pretty unsure what the apostrophe is doing on the headline... crab's ?


  1. Yes, there's more apostrophe's hear than their should be... sorry, more apostrophes here than there should be.
    It should read 'Crabs' 'eyes' and 'its name'.
    'That's' is correct though!
    If I was being extra accurate, I would add a hyphen too, in the measurements ('100mm-ish')
    7/10 - must try harder.
    (I blame txtspk)

  2. than-q mr brandy,

    eye new i could relie on u