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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

what i did in wales when i had some time to kill

i had some time to kill after my shoot in wales, before the chippy opened.
so what do you think i did ?

that's right... i did some self-portraits

i did too many self-portraits in fact.

this was the first one...
schoolboy error !

take two...
ok, that's a bit better

hmmm... i look a bit superimposed here

that's better. yes i like the low angle and the shallow depth of field
also by this stage i was looking really miserable... perfect !

after the last shot i left the harbour and went for a clifftop stroll...
oooh... nearly cropped my head off again

i like this one
i reckon the slate on the ground looks better than grass.
yikes ! it looks like i'm right at the edge too.

i moved the camera a little bit closer and
yeah i really like this one. shame about the grassy bit on the left though.
maybe i should have photoshopped it so there was just sea to the left of the slate ?

do i look a bit too happy in this one ?
i thought i'd let a smile slip so i shot it again

this time the wind blew my shirt up a little
to reveal gucci's practical joke on people who's jeans are too big...
the gucci belt

nearly done now. look at me standing proudly in god's own country.
i could have done without that one twiggy thing getting in the way though.

and finally, a new pose
well that's more than enough self-portraits eh ?

even for me, somebody who is learning to love himself...
even for me i'm thinking there are too many pics of me in this post.

oh and just in case.

t-shirt by comme des garçons - dover street market
belt by gucci - gucci, heathrow terminal 5
no.3 jeans by evisu - evisu, savile row
nike air force 1 san francisco editions - flight club new york

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