snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

after the fox

my favourite animal of all time is the fox. that's a fact.

a family of foxes live nearby to whitfield towers and i often see them strolling 
through the park opposite, en-route to the bin sheds in the basement of our building.

yesterday as i was driving into our underground car park, i saw mr fox.
i wound down the side window of my car and took a photo of him.
i felt a bit cheap to be honest. it was like papping britney spears coming out of
starbucks not wearing any make-up. mr fox did not seem happy

he turned his back on me and walked away
he then jumped up through the opening above parking space number 10

my parking space is number 13. as i drove towards it i noticed...
do you see him ?

mr fox watching me

i drove a little closer and took some more shots through the side window
yes... he was definitely keeping his eye on me

it's a pity he wasn't wearing his top hat though

he wasn't even wearing his monocle

another car drove outside close to him and he looked away
 then he disappeared behind the wall

i edged the car slowly forward and spotted him again 
peeping out from the other side of the wall

so all the time i'm sitting in the driver's seat shooting through the passenger window

wishing i had a longer lens

i took this one last frame from inside the car and mr fox disappeared

i parked up, got out of the car and walked to where i last saw him.
and there he was, just lying down resting.
he kept closing his eyes and he looked really sleepy, so i left him to it.

sleep well mr fox.



    What a stunning concept.

  2. heath,

    have you seen this month's national geographic ?

    interesting stuff.

  3. I haven't no. What they got in it? I rarely venture out of my flat these days, so am unlikely to come across a copy of the national geographic, especially in Bromley. I'm moving up somewhere in North London on the 9th April.

  4. the cover is a photo of a fox and the question is:
    can a fox become man's best friend ?
    it's a very interesting article about domesticating various animals.
    most of them don't interest me but I would like a pet fox.
    naturally I would make it wear a top hat and a monocle.