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Friday, 4 March 2011


after my shoot in east london yesterday, i took a short drive to my favourite
menswear shop that also sells coffee shop in london... present.
they have just started stocking mr bathing ape, the high end tailored clothing from
a bathing ape. i was very tempted to buy a camo tie... until i saw the price !

so in the end i just bought myself a flat white from david 
( who used to be one of the baristas at fernandez and wells )
this was how it looked after i'd taken a couple of swigs.

if you're ever out east-ish during the day, take a detour to present. the clothes and
accessories they stock are very tasty. 
at the front of the shop they have a take-away coffee outlet and i would recommend
a flat white from here any day of the week ( apart from sunday )

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