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Friday, 4 March 2011

restaurant details

i do like a nicely designed interior and i'm fortunate that i get to see and photograph
a lot of beautifully designed new restaurants on a regular basis.

maybe i'll start taking a few sneaky shots of details which take my fancy
and show them here from now on ?

to be cracking on with, here's a shot from a place i photographed a couple of weeks ago.
see the clock mechanism ? it's in the kitchen and was made especially for the restaurant by ebel, the famous watch manufacturer. instead of moving hands around a dial though,
it rotates the rotisserie in the kitchen. maybe if you click on the pic to enlarge it
you can see that when i took this frame, it was rotating 4 pineapples.
the pineapples had grooves cut into them and were brushed with honey
at regular intervals while i was there as they turned around in front of the heat.

the lights on the wall...
are like jelly moulds.

and in the private dining room
very interesting lights indeed.

i always like to see a bit of art on a restaurant wall.
some pieces i like...


some pieces i don't like

what about this piece ? do you like it or not ?
i must admit, i kind of like it.

i do like a nice set of simple glasses

but the thing that struck me most about this place was the knives

they looked so good that i took two photos of them
the manager told me that each knife costs €40

i'm going to have to go back to this place for a meal and see if the knives are any good.

oh, one last restaurant detail. one thing i absolutely always want to see when i go
to photograph a restaurant...
a coffee for me !
boom !

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