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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

wild and wood coffee

remember a few weeks ago when i visited wild and wood coffee ?

well on saturday i went back for another try. this time i took a proper camera.

i sat in the little room on the left as you enter. it's called the nook and has 
room for just 8 people. the main room itself is really nice, but if you get the chance
i reckon you should sit in the nook.

above where i sat was this photo of some of the carry-on team
you can almost hear sid james laughing can't you ?

above where mrs w sat was a photo of her sworn enemy... sellers !

also in the nook were photos of roger moore and my old chum leslie phillips

This was my view. the main part of wild and wood is through the doorway on the right

here's another fisheye view. this time my camera was placed on the edge of my table
the nook is a great little room. it reminds me of a really old train station waiting room.
like something from 'brief encounter' or 'the ghost train'

here's the view looking back from the above photo, showing me and mrs w
hopefully you get the impression from these fisheye views.
the nook is a tiny little room.
the main room is not much bigger to be honest but i would definitely recommend
you take a trip to wild and wood coffee.
the freshly squeezed orange juice was magic, the flat white i had was perfect
and they do excellent sandwiches and pastries too.

there's a map on their website. it's kind of near to the british museum if that helps.

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