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Thursday, 10 February 2011

wild and wood coffee

i found a corking little place on saturday, quite by accident too.
i was on a 38 bus and saw it as i looked out of the window. it looked interesting
so i quickly jumped off the bus...
( ok, i waited until the bus stopped and simply stepped out using the exit door )
unfortunately, as it was a dark, dull and rainy day, i didn't take a camera out with me.
i guess the hipstamatic app on my iphone was better than nothing though.

it's unlike any other coffee shop i've ever seen... though it did remind me of
a little place i went to in oaxaca a few years ago. you know the place i mean ?
the interior was all antique wooden benches and panelling, old wooden shelves too.
the shape of the interior was very irregular, it had lots of little nooks and crannies.
it also had lots of old photos on the walls. publicity shots of leslie phillips,
terry-thomas, leonard rossiter, arthur lowe and suchlike.

the food had all sold out by the time i chanced upon the place so i just had my usual
a flat white made with square mile coffee.

i'll try to go back to wild and wood coffee as soon as possible.
next time i'll take a camera.

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