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Friday, 18 February 2011

nike bespoke af-1's

remember way back in november when i had an appointment at 21 mercer in new york to make some bespoke air force 1's ?

while i'm waiting for my bespokes to turn up, let me show you a few nice touches
that you get given as part of the service.

first up, the book that iz, the consultant did the amazing freehand sketch of my bespokes.
i thought he was doing it to send off to the factory or just to show me
but at the end of the 2 hour appointment he gave it to me to take home.

the inside back cover has a compartment for keeping tickets, receipts etc

it's a really nice quality book...

oops ! i only just noticed it's a moleskine

here's a closer look at iz's amazing freehand illustration of my design
mind you, this is how my design looked until 5 minutes from the end of
my appointment when i had a big change of plan and ditched the cork idea.

so now, with some cheap photoshopping, this is how the plan of my shoe should look

i was also given a credit size card showing my details

and a computer generated image of my final design
though a couple of days after i got back to london i emailed iz with one more change. 
i decided to have metal eyelets in dark brown ( the same colour as the crocodile skin swoosh and tongue tab ) but the top eyelet on each side will be in a pale brown
colour ( the same colour as the tongue, insole and midsole )

finally just before i left, iz cut out small swatches of the two materials i'd selected
for the main body of the shoe. and fitted them onto a key-fob for me.
the two materials are a dark grey / blue wool, which has been waterproofed
and a brown crocodile skin.

so i've got my photos, the book, the card and a key-fob...

hopefully the bad boys themselves will be arriving in sunny n7 next week.

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  1. Now that is what you call customer service!