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Sunday, 6 February 2011

portraits in chiswick

i had to shoot some portraits in chiswick on friday, for a financial story.

this was one of the first shots i took.
it was quite a dull day. the sun was just about poking through the clouds and my
assistant was holding a gold / silver reflector just out of shot on the left hand side.
i used a leica m9 with a 50mm voigtlander lens. 1/2000th sec at f1.1

same lighting here, i just moved closer for a tighter shot.
what little sun there was, came from over the subject's left shoulder and 
g-fog held the reflector just out of shot on the left of the frame.
again i shot this at f1.1 to throw the background out of focus as much as possible.

after a while we moved along a path by the side of the thames
and did a few frames with the subject sitting on a bench.
this time i composed the shot with grass as the backdrop.

when i was satisfied that i had a good selection of shots using my leica,
 i rattled off a few frames using my trusty gf-1
the lens on the gf-1 is f1.7 so it's not as shallow a depth of field as the leica.
i think this is a nice enough addition to the set though. i tried to get the lines of the
bench, greenery and hedges to all run parallel through the frame.
also the subject was more relaxed by this stage as i'd told her the shoot was over
and i was just doing a few extra shots on another camera just incase.

of course there was one more shot i had to do before we headed back to n7...
so there's g-fog carrying my camera bag, battery light and working the lastolite.

thanks g-fog, thanks emma, thanks chiswick.

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