snapshots and observations

Friday, 25 February 2011

team n7

to commemorate my last shoot with g-fog, at circus, i commissioned a couple of
portraits of n7's finest. the photographer was cale.
( well, i set the shots up and cale pressed the cable release )

here's one just before we started work

and here's the last frame of the day, after i'd shot the interiors and been
denied a coffee by lucy ( who had promised me many coffees )
thanks to cale... and i guess thanks to lucy too... i suppose.


  1. It's sad to see g-fog go. It's funny that she went not long after you gave her a camera and she started coming up with some popular behind the scenes shots...

    Did she jump?

    Or was she pushed?...

  2. she's gone travelling around the world for a few months.
    I always knew she was going.
    hopefully she will be back working with me in july.