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Monday, 21 February 2011

on my coffee table this week

my shuffle coffee table has a nice feature. one that i don't think i've illustrated before.

it has slots at both sides, which i guess are for newspapers or magazines.
however, here i've slipped in the items i'm recommending this week...
the companion piece, the shuffle side table better illustrates this feature.
i will take some shots of it tomorrow to show you.

anyway, here is a more traditional look at this week's stuff...
very nice selection if i say so myself

book: underground by haruki murakami
i'm a big fan of murakami. my favourite novels of his are:
norwegian wood, dance dance dance, kafka on the shore and after dark.
there's also a book of his short stories which is very good.
in my opinion, the stand-out short story is 'tony takitani'
if you don't know his works i seriously recommend you try one. they are 
quite difficult to explain but if you in any way like japan, jazz, ghosts or 
the supernatural, a good love story... oh, i don't know... just go and buy
norwegian wood or dance dance dance and travel into murakami's world.

oh, i nearly forgot... underground is not a novel. it's a series of interviews 
murakami did with people who witnessed the tokyo subway gas attack.

dvd: 30 rock season 4
this 3 disc set arrived at whitfield towers yesterday.
it should keep us going for a little while.

cd: nike / mo wax promotional disc
this cd was given away in a few select magazines back in 1997. i think i got it from gq.
it's an interesting listen, 7 tracks of music composed by the mo wax team...
it sounds very much like the sounds from the first unkle album.
over the top of the beeps, ambient music and loops, a group of nike sponsored 
athletes speak about the nike shoes they helped to design.
i hope it doesn't sound bad because trust me on this one, it's actually quite good
and very listenable. once again it does sound a bit like parts of unkle or dj shadow
albums... spoken words sometimes sampled and repeated, slowed down or speeded
up over really eerie background music.

i don't know how easily this cd can be found but if anybody is interested i
could burn them a copy of it... or is that illegal ?

so... that's what i'm listening to, reading and watching this week.

has anybody ever taken my advice and bought the dvd 'fish story' ?

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