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Thursday, 24 February 2011

g-fog's behind the scenes shots

while i was shooting some interiors at circus a couple of days ago, i let g-fog
have a play about with my gf-1.
here are a few of her efforts.

i like this shot
i like the markings on the pockets of evisu jeans.
i also like the way the 3m material on my krink af-1's lights up when the flash hits it.

this is a good effort too
showing two of my favourite possessions.

yeah, i really like the way the krink af-1's react to the flash

and finally...
this shot is like the famous grainy photo of the loch ness monster, 
or the blurry footage of big foot.
it's almost one of the rarest shots of all time... like a photo of gerry getting a round in.
it's almost a photo of me smiling !

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