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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

on my coffee table this week

after the last coffee table post where all the items were red ( ish )
i thought i'd do another colour co-ordinated effort, so on my coffee table this week...
grey-ish things. bigger than usual grey-ish things

for starters the book is a proper coffee table book
the architecture of natural light, by henry plummer.
this was a christmas present a couple of years ago.

it's quite pretentious...


but it is packed with really beautiful photographs of interesting interiors.
take a look at this...
leon city morgue... remember when i went to leon last year ?
( also hold tight because i'm going back to leon in a month or so )

cd: never never land by unkle
this is the box set version. i'm not sure how rare it is but i do know that
it's not as good as the first unkle album. still, i'm getting to know it all over again
this week and it's not a bad effort. it just misses shadow's touch in my opinion.

dvd: another box set this week... alfred hitchcock films

some, like rope, are a bit ropey. others are genius.
on saturday i watched 'shadow of a doubt' 
tonight i might have to have another look at 'rear window'
have you seen it ?
photographers eh ?

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