snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

beas of bloomsbury

late on saturday afternoon, just as it was getting dark... 
( or daaaarrrk as my friend darren says )
i stopped at beas of bloomsbury and sat outside with...
a flat white

and these bad boys
boom !

unfortunately the experience was not a happy one for me.
there were a couple of young american girls sitting at the next table, yapping away.
i tried counting the number of times they said the word 'like' as they chatted to each other. 
it was doing my head in and after i counted 50 'like's in under two
minutes i had to put my headphones on and listen to some mash-ups.


  1. Beas of Bloomsbury!? You might have met my girlfriend then badunklemark! she works there occasionally (although, saying that, i think she only works the odd friday)if you see a ginger curly haired girl, say hello! i'm sure she'll recognise your miserable face as i have shown her you blog a few times before.


  2. wallet-boy,

    will she give me a free coffee ?


  3. if you make yourself known, yeah probably. ask for georgi york & demand free coffee.