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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

cloverdale park af-1's

as you may have noticed, my air force 1 game has been growing stronger recently.

last week the postman was busy ( and i'm not just talking about delivering all those valentines cards to me... though in fairness i probably sent myself far too many this year )

one day this turned up...

ok, i'm not a fan of white kicks generally, but these are pretty sweet.
i found them on the bay by putting the words 'rare air force 1' into a search.

i'd never seen them before and they were not expensive so i 'lifted' them
( did i use 'lifted' correctly there dan ? )

they were made to commemorate cloverdale park basketball courts in baltimore
and were part of nike's city series in 2007

the tip, toe box, eye stay, swoosh and foxing are in white leather

they sit on a white mid sole with green stitching and a sand out. 
the swoosh has sand coloured stitching and the mid panel is a sand coloured
padded mesh, pretty much the same as the sock liner.

the heel tabs have cloverdale park baltimore embossed on them instead of nike air

the right insole has a cloverdale park logo printed onto it

the left insole has a few words about the courts printed onto it... badly !

the stand out feature on these bad boys is this...
a cloverdale park logo on a loop of green leather stitched onto the tongue.
i've never seen this feature on any other af-1.
i'm surprised nike did not repeat this detail since as it's an ideal little piece to
add to the odd pair of kicks with perhaps a logo, some words or even just a colour.

not my favourite pair of af-1's, but i reckon they're just the ticket for summertime.
until then... back in the box with them !

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